HappiCities Labs

HappiCities Labs is a DIPP recognized (Certificate No.: DIPP33282) urban engineering, research and design startup  in India, similar to Google’s Sidewalk Labs. We are a group of passionate experts from various fields with a mission to rebuild a New India of 21st century by designing and building sustainable, smart-by-default and future ready cluster of Micro-cities from scratch. Our Lab is headquartered in Hyderabad with some team members working remotely from other cities.

Our Vision & Mission

Our vision is to transform both urban and rural India by ushering a massive “rurban” revolution in India and blur the lines that separate them

We intend to do this by designing a scalable and repeatable model of a HappiCity and open source the design & technical specs and financial, legal & constitutional framework in order to kick-start an ecosystem to build 1000 HappiCities over the next 100 years in India.


Srikanth Peddibhotla

An Amazonian with 17+ years experience in core multimedia technologies on embedded devices like Fire TV. Srikanth helped bootstrap a startup as a senior architect and built teams to build multimedia based products. He is a tech enthusiast who dares to dream big and has passion for Engineering to solving big & challenging problems.

Film Making and theater are his other interests and he has written and produced an award winning short film in Hollywood – “Twenty Years”

I started Project HappiCities with a passion and determination to find solution to India’s most challenging rural & urban problems

Rashmita Priyadarshini
Planning Partner

Rashmita is a Regional Planner from SPA Delhi who believes that cities of 21st century require a fresh and unique approach for city development and HappiCities Development Model can be the potential answer to attain sustainable urban development in India and the other growing nations of the Global South. She has worked on various public projects on ground and strongly believes that public participation is the core catalyst for successful project outcomes.

Akshar Biyani
Co-Founder, Compliance & Legal (Part Time)

Akshar is a Company Secretary & LLB with  15+ years experience and a childhood friend of the founder.  As a part-time co-founder role, he helps HappiCities Labs to be compliant to statutory rules and regulations, and advice the team in critical legal matters and strategic decisions.

Sayali Virulkar
Design Partner

Sayali is an Architect and Urban Designer from SPA Delhi, who believes that a city form and built environment plays a very important role in the process of human development. She recently won a South Asia Winner tag 2018 in a global future city competition by UKNC, UNESCO and RICS London, for a future model of Delhi around the idea of Urban Farming. Her research and past experience of working on the scenario of urbanization of many Indian cities makes her believe that HappiCities is the way forward for sustainable, smart future of Indian cities and villages.

She is also an artist and takes some time to publish her thoughts over development scenario in Indian cities through sketches and poetry. thepaperparachute.wordpress.com


Late Shri A.P.J Abdul Kalam
Advisor & Mentor

With 750 million people living in villages, India has the largest rural population in the world. Based on his Indian experience, Dr Kalam recommends a sustainable and inclusive development system called PURA—Providing Urban Amenities in Rural Areas—to uplift the rural masses not by subsidies but through entrepreneurship with community participation. To make his case, Dr Kalam cites the examples of individuals and institutions, in India and from across the world, who, with an entrepreneurial spirit and a burning desire to make a difference, have successfully generated and tapped into the potential of the rural masses. Read all about this in his book “Target 3 Billion: PURA Innovative Solutions Towards Sustainable Development”

The fundamental ingredient in the evolution of happy, peaceful and prosperous nations and societies is laying the foundation of sustainable development

Shri Romi Khosla
Advisor & Mentor

Mr. Romi Khosla is an Indian architect who received a B.A. in economics from the University of Cambridge, and qualified as an architect at the Architectural Association, London. Mr. Khosla founded GRUP (Group for Rural and Urban Planning) in Delhi in 1974, and has designed a number of large institutional complexes as well as small community-based rural projects. His recent work includes developmental and revitalization projects for the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Central Asia, Tibet, and Egypt, and for the Government of India in the Himalayan belt. Mr. Khosla’s published works include Buddhist Monasteries in Western Himalayas (1979).

His recent work on Natural cities as the model for future of Asian cities is path breaking in the field of sustainable cities of future and forms the guiding design principle of HappiCities.


Constitutional, legal & Policy adviser

Dedicated to making the Constitution work for everyone through law and policy research, social and governance interventions and strategic impact litigation.